The Perpetual Motion Adelaide to Sydney Train Project Breaks Ground at Winpega.

The Perpetual Motion Adelaide to Sydney Train Project Breaks Ground at Winpega.

The Perpetual Motion Adelaide to Sydney Train Project (The PMAtSTP) has broken ground this week with South Australian Premier Steve Marshall planting a tree at Winpega on the $2.1 billion project. Construction of the PTMAtSTP will occur simultaneously in two directions from Winpega to the Adelaide Hills in the east, and Sydney via Pinnaroo and Tooreybuc in the west.

The PMAtSTP will use a series of existing and newly created undulating hills between Adelaide and Sydney.

With a big push to start them rolling the specially built perpetual motion trains, known as F-Trains, are now in production and will harness gravity on the downslopes and stored solar energy on the up climb to be zero emission for the journey.

The F-Trains use a very simple frictionless system like the mono rail at the childrens playground at Keith on A8 highway between Melbourne and Adelaide. See more about the F-Train design here.

The entire train journey from Adelaide to Sydney on the F-Train will be like a gentle roller coaster ride and cost just $1.47 in energy.

Energy not directly supplied by the train's own solar power or generated by the downward motion of the F-Train on hills will be supplied by the other green energy products like rain falling down downpipes micro turbine program unveiled last week. 

The PMAtSTP project has been in the pipeline for over 10 years and received $28m in commonwealth and South Australian research grants to investigate the project's viability. After living high on the hog with his $28m for the last 10 years the project's proponent, Paul Jackson of Adelaide, decided he better come up with a plan before he had to complete the grant acquittal.

"I came up with the idea when I saw hills" said Mr Jackson. "I thought what if a train could coast down the hill, and then we could somehow power it up the other side, give it a little solar power boost, and then it could coast down the next hill, and so on and so on all the way from Adelaide to Sydney" he added.

"After we stopped off when driving between Adelaide and Melbourne and we saw the child's mono rail ride at Keith and had a ride, it was like 'hello, BINGO! - seems like a no brainer to me".

Trees will be planted along the train corridors to become habitat highways. The trees will also be used as recreational park and cycling facilities much like the O-Bahn Busway in Adelaide. It is envisaged in the long term that homes and communities will develop around identified areas and stations along the PMAtSTP, and in consultation with traditional owners, be sold by the Government to increase land supply and help fund the build costs of the project.

Premier Steve Marshall may be contacted for comment, however as was widely reported last week the SA Premier has just finished his cert III TAFE course in Photoshop. He is now very busy putting up his Photoshopped posters on Stobie Poles as part of his re-election campaign. 

Pexels photo credit link: SenuScape - thanks SenuScape!

Posted: Friday 25 February 2022