Brian The Pig uses AI to become first animal in the world to gain legal personality

Brian The Pig uses AI to become first animal in the world to gain legal personality

A pig in Adelaide has successfully become the first animal in the world to gain legal personality.

‘Brian the pig has risen above the animal world and joined other non-human entities, including corporations like Coles and Woolworths, and should be granted legal personality’ decided Justice Jackson.

‘Due to Brian’s AI implant, vocoder thought-to-speech implant and having had a human heart transplant last year, Brian has now crossed the threshold of being more human than animal. ‘Indeed’, observed Justice Jackson, ‘Brian exhibits more humanity than many of the humans I have seen in this court room’.

Brian the Pig has so far refused all requests for an interview, but has retained media consultants and lawyers to make a book deal, feature film and Netflix series said to be worth $10 million for two seasons.

Entitled ‘AI Pig is AOK’ the book and Netflix series will chart Brian’s journey from the farmyard pigsty to his now successful petition for legal personality which has always been denied to animals who are classed as property. Brian’s barrister Jackson KC said he was most pleased with the outcome. 

‘It’s been a huge uphill battle of historic proportions, but Brian has never set a hoof wrong. He’s just so inspirational’.

The successful judgment has already changed Brian’s life with a house purchase in suburbia where Brian has recently settled on a 3 sty 2 pen home with his wife Matilda. He will now join the rest of society in consuming as much stuff as he can.

Picture caption: Brian pictured on the last day of his old animal life in 2023.

Picture credit: Pexels - Mali Maeder - thanks Mali!

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Posted: Wednesday 3 July 2024