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The Adelaide Ventricle Think Tank

A repository of ideas? A repository of suppositories? Ideas to get the world moving, remove the blockages of bureaucracy and bureaucrats and just cut to the chase. Hey, we could even solve Ambulance ramping in Adelaide. Do you have a good idea to share with the tiny corner of the world looking at this page? Yes? Bring it on. Send it in and we'll have a look at publishing it. Fame, fortune, and maybe a novel fix to a societal problem could be just around the corner.

  • TripAdvisor Reviewer Gets Reviewed by Business Owner
    Thanks for your review Jenstar97. Your cutting words and rudeness have really touched me. Your baseless accusations and attacks on our business have awakened something in me. I imagine in a previous life we could have been friends, or even lovers. You have touched my core.
    Posted: Thursday 5 May 2022