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A repository of ideas? A repository of suppositories? Ideas to get the world moving, remove the blockages of bureaucracy and bureaucrats and just cut to the chase. Hey, we could even solve Ambulance ramping in Adelaide. Do you have a good idea to share with the tiny corner of the world looking at this page? Yes? Bring it on. Send it in and we'll have a look at publishing it. Fame, fortune, and maybe a novel fix to a societal problem could be just around the corner.

  • Australian Government to apply Chinese 'Weeding the Grass' approach to combat scam messages
    Why do people click on text message links sent at 3am inviting them to enter personal information to claim 3022 points (worth $15.11) from Coles when they don't actually shop at Coles? Just as the world applied Chinese lockdowns to combat COVID, the Australian Government will shortly apply 'Weeding the grass' technique from China to combat scam messages.
    Posted: Wednesday 3 July 2024
  • Brian The Pig uses AI to become first animal in the world to gain legal personality
    Animals have no legal personality. They are regarded as property of people. That is until Australian pig Brian came along. Unhappy with his station in life, and embracing AI and other technological advancements, Brian has had the op, had the chops, upgraded the RAM and now been approved as smart enough to have legal personality.
    Posted: Wednesday 3 July 2024
  • Visiting Mona is like going on a sad ghost train ride
    The Adelaide Ventricle recently visited Mona in Hobart. This is what we saw.
    Posted: Tuesday 30 April 2024
  • God denied bail and locked up for coercive control offences spanning 2000 years
    God appeared in the Christies Beach Magistrates Court on Monday and was remanded in custody. God fearing individuals in a relationship with God should fear no more after God was charged with domestic violence related coercive control and other 'course of conduct' offences spanning over 2000 years.
    Posted: Wednesday 29 November 2023
  • Medical Receptionist Shirley to fill in for God when God has a holiday next month.
    Medical receptionist Shirley from the City of Boronia in east Melbourne has been approved to fill in for God when God has a holiday. As the principal gatekeepers to doctors The Medical Receptionist Guild of Australia (MRGoA) have determined that Shirley has the right disposition to deliver judgements on applications usually made to God. This includes petitioners seeking to speak to God.
    Posted: Friday 25 February 2022
  • Catholics Start Praying Like Muslims. Say: It Helps Our Backs
    The Australian Christian Society of Tasmania (ACST) have endorsed calls by the Australian Catholic Church (ACC) to start praying like Muslims because it really helps sciatica and lower back pain.
    Posted: Friday 11 February 2022