Australian Mask Wearers Offered Nose Mask In Win-Win Breakthrough

Australian Mask Wearers Offered Nose Mask In Win-Win Breakthrough

Australians unable to cover their nose with a mask now have an answer with Adelaide company 'Nose By Design' manufacturing a mini nose mask that will be applied directly to the nose to help cover the nose, and remove blackheads at the same time.

'It's win-win' said Nose By Design spokesperson Mr Jackson.

Nose By Design said the idea came after so many noses were seen sticking out over the top of masks. 'Obviously everyone with a visible nose was not an idiot', the company thought, 'or the current design of masks is not nose friendly'.

Nose masks would also solve an issue for people with larger than normal noses, or with longer than normal beards.

'A standard mask on a petite person with a little face, and a standard mask on a big bloke with a snoz and a long beard - how can that one size fits all approach possibly work? said Mr Jackson.

Nose By Design is inspired by standard marketing 101 fundamentals: create a problem then solve it with a new product. Then market the new product to people and make them feel psychologically damaged if they don't have the new product.

The new nose masks can do multiple jobs at once. 'It's like multi-tasking for your nose. By applying a separate mask to the nose the Australian mask market has doubled in size. 'Almost everyone has a nose' said Mr Jackson.

'We're so excited to create this new nose mask market. We will simply repurpose a product that is already available, put it in new packaging, double the price and hello profit' he said.

Nose By Design said the new nose masks will also aim to have green credentials. Discussions are underway with the same Adelaide bureaucrats that approved taxpayer money for beam scooters.

'We're thinking about a separate waste bin for people to put their nose masks in. We can collect this on the same day as yellow lidded recycling bins. The oil from the blackheads stuck to the nose mask will be harvested and sold as a bio fuel’.

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Posted: Wednesday 2 March 2022