Two Drug Dealer Case Study: Unreasonable Drug Dealers vs Reasonable Drug Dealers

Two Drug Dealer Case Study: Unreasonable Drug Dealers vs Reasonable Drug Dealers

The famous 'Two Drug Dealer' case study helps prove the point that in this modern world it pays to be reasonable. Drug wholesaler Gary, and drug retailer Dave, is a case study into why anyone should be reasonable. 

Two scenarios play out.

The first scenario is between two unreasonable drug dealers. Gary the wholesaler, and Dave the retailer, fall out over the price per gram of the drug, a gang battle ensues over many months, there are two deaths and late-night raids. One of them ends up in jail.

Alternatively, the two drug dealers could have been reasonable.


In the second scenario Gary and Dave have a reasonable conversation before commencing business.

Wholesaler Gary: I will sell it to you for $150 gram for the next six months.

Retailer Dave: Great, thanks Gary, I now have a firm base price for the drug and can go out into the retail marketplace and sell my drug. We'll discuss the price again in six months.

Gary and Dave's drug dealing business flourished. They both became rich and got to spend more quality time with their children. When the law came knocking, they were able to retain a good lawyer to defeat the charges.

Being reasonable saved Gary and Dave a lot of late-night raids, deaths, extra costs in muscle security that would have been paid for in cash, which would have needed a greater and more exposed criminal footprint to fund. Being reasonable resulted in less drama, and more profit from a streamlined operation. Just by being reasonable...

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Posted: Monday 31 October 2022