'Stay The Heck Away From Me Public Trustee' Insurance Policy Launched.

'Stay The Heck Away From Me Public Trustee' Insurance Policy Launched.

The Winpega Insurance Company has today released a new insurance policy for vulnerable Australians worried about falling under the administration of Public Trustees.

The new insurance policy has been launched in the wake of the Four Corners story about the 'Public Trustee rorts scandal' affecting vulnerable people and their assets. 

​The 'Stay The Heck Away from Me Public Trustee' will be provided at a discounted rate of $1 a day. 
​The policy places a legal exclusion against Public Trustee administration, and unconscionable capacity assessments by ​Health Professionals as defined in section 3 of the Guardianship and Administration Act 199​3 (SA). Administration services previously performed by the Public Trustee will instead be authorised under the policy to be supplied by regular lawyers who have tendered for the work, saving vulnerable people $10,000s per annum.
'Stay The Heck Away from Me Public Trustee​' policy holders will receive a welcome pack with a toolkit of practical tools to help keep Public Trustees away from vulnerable people needing assistance.
  1. Like holding a cross to fend off a vampire 'Stay The Heck Away from Me Public Trustee' policyholders will also be supplied a 12cm Britney Spears* doll to wave at Public Trustee representatives in case they come too close, and
  2. ​L​ike warding off vampires, policy holders will also be issued necklaces of garlic to try and help shoo away the Public Trustees​, and​
  3. A special digital download of remastered songs also be available featuring reworked Britney Spears songs like:' 'Oops We Ripped You Off Again', and 'Rip Me Off Just One More Time', and
  4. Policy holders will be supplied a hardcopy of the Guardianship and Administration Act 199​3 (SA) to throw at Public Trustees.
Spokesman for the Winpega Insurance Company, Paul Jackson, said the idea came to him while watching the horrible stories on ABC news the other night. 
'The Public trustees are more expensive than actual lawyers' said Mr Jackson. 'In fact all the Public Trustees are doing in many cases is acting as an affiliate for the lawyers, charging out top lawyer's rates and adding an administration fee on top. 

'I mean, how much does it actually cost to do no management on a vacant property. We did the sums. It costs nothing to do no management on a vacant property'.

So to charge someone to do no management on a vacant property is just the cost of the invoice, and the consultation with lawyers about charging for no management. It's a shocker​'​. 
Mr Jackson continued  'Who are these lawyers, who is providing their instructions and who is paying the costs? There seems to be a mismatch between the person issuing the instructions (The Public Trustee) and the person paying (The person under guardianship or administration). 

'How can a lawyer working for the Public Trustee accept instructions to the detriment of the vulnerable person paying the lawyer's fees'.

The problem seems to be that Public Trustees are expected to generate income to cover the costs of their administration. The de facto privatisation of what should be a government service like schools and health care exposes the unsuitability of State Governments to have Guardianship and Administration of vulnerable people.

​*Britney Spears fought a long running battle to regain her own independence from USA style conservatorship, much like the Guardianship provisions under the Guardianship and Administration Act 1993 (SA)

Photo credit link: Andrea Piacquadio - thanks Andrea!

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Posted: Friday 18 March 2022