Rain Falling Down Downpipes New Source of Renewable Energy

Rain Falling Down Downpipes New Source of Renewable Energy

A pilot program has commenced in Adelaide to generate electricity from rain falling down household downpipes with little tiny turbines installed in the downpipes. It is expected that enough electricity will be generated to power the average household leaf blower for over 1 hour per week.

The small turbines are easily installed into household downpipes and connected to Tesla batteries. When it rains, the rain sliding and falling down the downpipes turns the tiny turbines creating electricity which is stored in household batteries.

The new devices will be available in Bunnings and Ikea in just a few weeks.

The idea is supported by the Leafblower Users Association of South Australia (The LUAOSA). In a statement released yesterday they say they are excited to use this great new and free source of electricity to power their leafblowers. "We're just so excited to apply this new source of electricity towards our leafblowing. It now creates zero emission leaf blowing on a Saturday morning."

Image source: Son Tung Tran - Thanks Son!

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Posted: Sunday 13 February 2022