Pure Anarchy Model Of Society to be Trialed in Australia in 2023

Pure Anarchy Model Of Society to be Trialed in Australia in 2023

The Australian Government has decided to capitulate to the freedom movements and offer pure anarchy, known as Anarchism, as the next form of Government in Australia.The Australian Government will devolve power by liquidating assets into the hands of people. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) will be disbanded. Just as private assets were sold off in the late 1980s all people in Australia with a bank account will become shareholders in the money pot held collectively in Australia. With the RBA disabled the federal money pot will be transferred into a new Cryptocurrency type arrangement with every Australian receiving a supply of tradeable crypto credits in an individualised account. 

People will earn new credits for anything they do, which will be traded for other goods and services they need.

The idea is that bakers will bake bread, plumbers will fix plumbing, teachers will teach. Pure Anarchy and bureaucrats will continue to stir a huge pot of decisions around in an endless whirlpool of meetings and breakout groups, and become again the largest credit multiplier of tradeable credits in the new model.

The details of the new anarchy model like who gets what and when and how it will actually work are still being worked out by government bureaucrats. More to come.

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Posted: Sunday 13 February 2022