Man with Personality at Large in Adelaide Eastern Suburbs

Man with Personality at Large in Adelaide Eastern Suburbs

A man with personality is on the loose in eastern Adelaide suburbs. Seen daily but last unnoticed when he opened the door for a woman leaving a café. The man with personality feigned a doorman salute and was ignored. People are encouraged to give the man wide berth and continue to unnotice him.

The man with personality is known to smile and wave in a friendly way to people. He has also been heard to say 'hello'. Police are warning nuclear white families of 2+2+dog to continue to avoid the man and continue to 'unnotice him' should they be smiled or greeted by the man.

It is particularly concerning because the man does not seem to appreciate that eastern suburb Adelaidians often exhibit no to little personality with strangers. 

Picture: This picture of the man taken last week has been 'de-identified' to make him blend in with some of the personalities he sees around him. Police are not wanting to give the man any media profile and Police encourage Eastern Suburb Adelaidians to stick to Eastern Suburb Adelaide protocols and not smile, blink, wave, acknowledge, gesture or in any way encourage the man to continue to be friendly to perfect strangers.

Police suspect the man has inadvertently drifted over from Adelaide's Western and beach suburbs where people are often found to engage with each other in cafes and on the street. They believe he will make his way out of the eastern Suburbs soon so that east Adelaidians can continue to congregate in parks and walk their dogs, and park their Beam Scooters* on the footpath directly in front of accessible access for the elderly and people that use wheelchairs or walkers onto footpaths their house so that any vision or mobility impaired person will crash into them.

Image link credit below: Chris J Mitchell - Thanks Chris!

* Beam Scooters link to City of Adelaide page where poorly parked Beam Scooters can be reported on 08 7079 0518 or from the links on that page.

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Posted: Tuesday 15 February 2022