Facebook and Instagram Introduces Face Miles: Scroll Miles of Posts to Earn Face Miles

Facebook and Instagram Introduces Face Miles: Scroll Miles of Posts to Earn Face Miles

Meta's new algorithm will start giving Facebook and Instagram users Flybuys type points according to the miles of posts they have scrolled each day. Known as Face Miles the new reward miles will be allocated to Facebook and Instagram user accounts and redeemable for stuff in much the same way Coles and Woolworths exchange stuff off their shelves (like pots and pans and knives) for points. 


Face Miles will start from 1 August 2024, but users must register before the end of the financial year to join the program.


Face Miles will be allocated per mile of posts scrolled. Average users are expected to earn 10-12 points per day based on average scrolling of 10-12 miles of Facebook daily. In Australia and New Zealand Facebook users will accumulate points according to kilometres, and the points will be 5/8 of the points per mile according to the mileage rate of the USA.


Stuff that Face Miles can be redeemed for:

  1. Home exercise bikes (5000 Face Miles) - Facebook Milers will be able to redeem 5,000 Face Miles for time on an exercise bike that they don't own but will be delivered to their door, so that Milers can exercise for hours at a time and get off at the same point they started.
  2. Cruises to nowhere (4000 Face Miles): Leaving Sydney in January 2025 and going out into the ocean burning up fuel and then returning to Sydney.
  3. FARSI treatments (200 Face Miles): Face Miles can be redeemed for FARSI (Facebook Acquired Repetitive Strain Injury) treatments which will be available from Facebook's online store. Available treatments include books by Author Annie Diot entitled: "How to Avoid FARSI by Not Using Social Media

Face Miles Rules:

  • No fast scrolling. Face Miles must be earned at your normal scroll speed, however
  • Once enrolled in Face Miles there must be a minimum scroll speed (according to the tracking of your scrolling patterns) or Face Miles will be deducted from the tally.

Pexels photo credit link: Cottonbro Studio - thanks Cottonbro!

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Posted: Saturday 5 November 2022