Adelaide Eastern Suburbs House Diorama Competition 2023 now open

Adelaide Eastern Suburbs House Diorama Competition 2023 now open

With a great many Eastern Suburb houses in Adelaide looking like life-sized dioramas without any sign of life, or living souls in the garden, competition vying for a top 10 place in the 2023 Adelaide House Diorama Competition will be fierce. 

Six just revealed tips for extra points:

  1. Autumnal leaves elimination points: Blow any golden brown or yellow leaves away from your home, even if this means taking 30 mins to blow those four leaves down the driveway with the Ryobi battery blower. Blow that persistent wet leaf stuck on the ground. Blowing hot air across the top of the leaf eventually dries the leaf making it easier to blow away. If that still doesn't work, you can use a broom. These are still available for sale in most popular hardware stores. They look like a long stick with soft or sharp bristles at the end. Sharper bristled brooms are better for outside use. 
  2. Car #1: Remove the five leaves that fell on your car overnight. Pick these off one by one possibly tut tutting the tree that dropped them.
  3. Car #2: Polish your black Porsche, or Ferrari SUV to gleaming in the driveway. Car bonus points: A polished or new white Tesla mid-size car or other EV will get bonus sustainability points.
  4. Pot plants: Potted in ornately decorated china pots get 1.5 points.
  5. Winter bonus points for topiaries: Awarded x number of topiaries + size and twists.
  6. Two seats under cover on the verandah outside the front door. Place two seats with a small round table on the verandah out the front of your house to give the appearance that people actually sit in those seats. Remember to remove the plastic and price tags from the seats. Wider verandahs can use 2 x two seats + table.

Remember, you will never know when the 2023 Adelaide House Diorama Competition judges will come past, and so you must ensure continuity of appearance of your life-sized house diorama. Remember: minimise visible movement, keep everything immaculate and stationary. Sunday afternoons from late morning to dusk are approved for working on your diorama. Bonus points are awarded for continuity in 2023 - so don't miss out on these low hanging bonus points!

Pexels photo credit link: Scott Webb - thanks Scott!

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Posted: Monday 15 May 2023