Medical Breakthrough Puts Red Wine Drinkers in Demand for Uric Acid Donations

Medical Breakthrough Puts Red Wine Drinkers in Demand for Uric Acid Donations

Uric acid is produced as a waste product in the human body. Drinkers of red wine and alcohol produce more uric acid than others. A new discovery about a new use for uric acid has alcoholics and heavy red wine drinkers in demand as they can donate excess uric acid like blood donors currently donate blood.

The uric acid collected from alcoholics and red wine drinkers is used to bolster the immune system of immune compromised individuals. The uric acid donations can also help 'background inflammation' in people suffering from obesity, and help treat Fanconi syndrome.

This amazing medical breakthrough from the University of Winpega, South Australia, has created a sensation in the medical community.

Dr Bob Busteen from Sydney Medical said likening the donation process to blood donation is a good idea, which will help increase donations.

‘The whole units of uric acid are given intravenously and build a positive immune response in recipients who are immune deficient or suffering from obesity within 24-48 hours. We’ve also found that by shortening the duration between uric acid productions by red wine drinkers, there is stronger response in the individual receiving the uric acid donation'.

Hospitals have started opening up small pubs and invited red wine drinkers in and are tapping into them directly at the bar.

As the red wine enters the system of the alcoholic or red wine drinker the increased uric acid production is removed through a drip. It’s kind of like cows entering a milking shed, being milked and leaving. Drinkers can pop in for a pinot, donate excess uric acid, and be on the way.

Full Bodied Red Wine Lovers Association of SA (‘FBRWLAoSA’) spokesman Brian said it was great that red wine drinkers could help donate uric acid which for them has been an issue because high uric acid levels cause gout.

‘How good is this?’ said Brian, ‘we get to have a glass of red, donate to immune compromised people, and have less gout attacks because we have less uric acid in our system. I love the idea. I popped into the 'Skull and Thighbone' at the Alfred Hospital and donated 5 times yesterday'.

Pexels photo credit link: Bernyce Hollingsworth - thanks Bernyce!

Posted: Sunday 20 March 2022