Loud Talking by Lyrca Clad Cyclists to Be Banned in Adelaide from May 2022

Loud Talking by Lyrca Clad Cyclists to Be Banned in Adelaide from May 2022

Loud talking by large packs of male cyclists on suburban streets will now be banned from sunrise to sunset in an effort to alleviate the god awful sound of large packs of male cyclists talking loudly on suburban streets between sunrise and sunset.

The City of Norwood, Payneham and St Peters (NPSP) is enacting the new bylaw as an extension of their ban on party balloons announced last week. 'Balloons dropping into the ocean and choking sea animals is "very dangerous" Mayor Robert Bria told ABC Radio.

Some local residents agreed, but held that it is not the only "very dangerous" activity that needs to be stamped out in the inner eastern leafy suburbs of Adelaide. A statement released yesterday by spokesman Paul Jackson on behalf of the Coalition against Mamils (Middle Aged Men in Lycra) and Ofils (Old Farts in Lyrca), CAMAMOF for short, called on this other "very dangerous" activity to be stamped out.

"Like rolling thunder, the shouty chats between large packs of male cyclists from 500m away get louder and more dangerous as they get closer," said Mr Jackson. "We need to prevent these large packs of male cyclists from bombarding our eardrums when they talk about their bicycle upgrades and servicing, their latest investment property or how they are renovating the house".

Large packs of male cyclists in lycra are well known for riding expensive bikes, having good incomes, but spending the least possible money at a cafe by splitting a sausage roll between 5 of them when they get to their destination. Proponents from CAMAMOF have suggested that the large packs of male cyclists be confined to Norton Summit Road, Adelaide where they can be loud obnoxious twits out of earshot of most of us.

CAMAMOF however is open to letting the straggling cyclists that are usually 20-50m behind the lead pack cycle during daylight hours as they are usually too unfit or hungover to offer much of a conversation.

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Posted: Sunday 13 February 2022