Australian Government Tracks Litter with QR Code Now Mandatory on Every Item Sold

Australian Government Tracks Litter with QR Code Now Mandatory on Every Item Sold

The Australian Government today has reached a new milestone today with a bill passed through the lower house in Canberra. The new legislation, if passed through the Upper House, will mandate a trackable QR code on every single item sold. The information will be stored by Amazon and connect the information about the packaging of every single item sold in Australia to the credit card, Apple Pay or Buy Now Pay Later platforms like Zip Pay of the purchaser. All in an effort to tackle litter in Australia. The controversial measure is aimed, in part, at finding out who throws their KFC and MacDonald's rubbish out the window on beautiful highways like the Captain Cook Highway between Cairns and Port Douglas.

By connecting a QR code on every item of packaging to the purchaser the Australian Government will be able to determine who was responsible for the litter. People caught in what is being dubbed the 'QR Packaging Trap' will face an automatic AUD$100 fine, 1 month jail or diversion to a litter cleaning team in their area.

The controversial measure has drawn condemnation from the Australian Litterer's Alliance (ALA). In a surprisingly grammatically correct and sane statement released after the legislation passed the Lower House in Canberra on Tuesday ALA spokesman Ima Litterer said 'It's our right to throw our rubbish where and when we want. We do not support segregation of our sovereign right to throw our rubbish out the window, and do not want the government to track our litter by connecting our purchase of said litter'.

There has also been condemnation for the new legislation connecting litter to a shopper's purchase from the Australian Fatty Fast Food Fraternity (AFFFF) who said, while they agree in principle that food wrappers should not be thrown out car windows, they objected to 'not getting our hands on the database of information connecting people's credit card numbers to their purchase and the rubbish'. The AFFFF will petition the federal opposition to ensure that if the proposed legislation is passed then the Fast Food Industry will be able to get their hands on the database and pester people with text messages they cannot opt out off.

Image link credit below: Polina Tankilevitch - Thanks Polina!

Posted: Saturday 12 February 2022