Uber Ambulance hits Uber Eats Driver On Port Road, Adelaide

Uber Ambulance hits Uber Eats Driver On Port Road, Adelaide

Adelaide’s new Uber Ambulance service is currently offline after crashing into an Uber Eats cyclist on Port Rush Road at Mile End yesterday. Uber Ambulance owner Brian from Prospect said services would soon be restored after his Uber Ambulance suffered panel damage.* 

Uber Ambulance has seen business skyrocket since the SA Ambulance Service ran out of real paramedics. The skyrocket logo on the side of Uber Ambulance vehicles have become a familiar sight in Adelaide recently with the distinctive La Cucaracha siren heard around the city.

The brainchild of Brian from Prospect, Uber Ambulance offers transport to hospital for $20 or just $5 for passengers willing to ride share. The service promotes itself as being able to avoid Adelaide Ambulance ramping and delays in treatment at Adelaide Hospitals because they simply dump passengers at the front door of the hospital and speed off.

*Updated 5:40pm: The Uber Eats driver got a free ride to hospital with Brian.

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Posted: Tuesday 15 February 2022